M.T.M: Marketing Tools Makeover

put yourself ahead of the competition by showcasing your skillset to the best of its ability.

make sure your marketing tools land in the hands of real life humans.

You've already wasted so much time and effort piecing together your resume and applying to jobs only to wonder if your resume actually made it to the hiring managers desk or if it went into a black hole. 

The good news is, you aren't alone. Crafting your marketing tools to stand out is no easy task. I've been in your shoes, and I've read, written and critiqued hundreds of resumes. I've also partnered with hiring managers who make the final decisions. Needless to say, I know what it takes to make your resume stand out.

Are you tired of the systems rejecting you, when you indeed know you are a fit?

2 50-minute coaching sessions: one prior to your marketing tool review and one post review to answer any questions about the corporate hiring process, networking, etc). 

A resume scrub with tips to beat the ATS and make sure your resume gets seen by a human. 

A cover letter to highlight your skills and make sure the hiring manager reads your resume. 

Launch your LinkedIn: optimize your profile and put yourself ahead of the competition. 

Marketing Tools Make Over


Marketing tools you will be proud to apply to jobs with.

Knowledge on how to make sure you stand out against the competition. 

Guidance and clarity on how to navigate the process and make sure your tools land in the hands of real life humans. 

you'll leave with:

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TIMELINE: 1 week

INVESTMENT: $1,500.00

This program was designed to brush up all your tools in your job search "toolkit." Each job posting you see online receives anywhere from 200-300 applications. This program ensures your marketing tools are polished, professional and ready to stand out against the crowd. 

How we tune your marketing tools:


THE initial call


In this phase, I will make appropriate edits to your marketing tools to ensure they stand out in a crowd of candidates. 

I do the work

phase three

To wrap up, we end with another 50 minute session to make sure you understand the importance of the changes made. This will help you effectively market yourself in interviews. 

you approve

During this 50 minute video call, we will uncover your career goals and I will help you gain clarity on your marketing tools.

— josh t.

"I moved to a new city and realized my resume hadn't been touched in two years. Christina not only reorganized the layout and wording to make it more concise, but also changed the formatting to make it 10x more professional. I got hired! "

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Just starting out in your career? No problem, I'll design you a resume from scratch.

you don't have a resume...

Applying to a specific job and need someone to look over the final details? I got you.

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To partner together and create a brand new resume that gets you noticed among the other 200+ that are vying for YOUR dream job.

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My 1:1 coaching program is designed for individuals who need the extra push. Are you aiming for a career change? A promotion? We'll partner and work together through personalized coaching sessions and 1:1 mentor-ship.

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This program is designed to help you find a job - whether you are a new grad hunting for your first job or changing careers at the V.P. level, I can help.

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