Resume Review

because your skills deserve to be noticed.

because your skills deserve to be noticed.

you are one brand new resume away from getting noticed.

You've already wasted so much time and effort piecing together your resume and applying to jobs only to wonder if your resume actually made it to the hiring managers desk or if it went into a black hole. 

The good news is, you aren't alone. Crafting the perfect resume on to one sheet of paper is no easy task. I've been in your shoes, and I've read, written and critiqued hundreds of resumes. I've also partnered with hiring managers who make the final decisions. Needless to say, I know what it takes to make your resume stand out.

Are you tired of the systems rejecting you, when you indeed know you are a fit?

Customized client portal so you can see all of our emails, due dates, templates, and more all in one place.

A custom and tailored resume review with 2 rounds of edits (most people only need 1)! 

BONUS: A pdf document of my exclusive tips and tricks - you'll have access for life! 

Resume Tune Up Service


A polished resume you feel confident in applying with and clarity around what makes a resume stand out.

you'll leave with:

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Your resume is one of your biggest marketing tools to get you through the door for the interview, so we want yours to tell a story and make sure they don't want to miss out on an interview with you. We will work together to make sure your brand comes through and sets you apart from other candidates. I've spent almost a decade in human resources, and I'll use everything I learned to get you noticed by hiring managers (and through the dreaded applicant tracking system).

TIMELINE: 1 week

INVESTMENT: Starting at $150

Interview prep with mock interviewing 


LinkedIn profile development

Cover letter review  

How we tune your resume:


THE initial call


In this phase, I will make appropriate edits such as redesign, grammar, content and anything else we've discussed in our initial call.

I do the work

phase three

To wrap up, you give your stamp of approval. Once you've seen your beautiful new resume, you are eligible for 2 rounds of edits to make it juuust right (most clients just need 1)!

you approve

The initial call is the most important part of the process for me to understand your brand and what you need fixed in your resume.

— josh t.

"I moved to a new city and realized my resume hadn't been touched in two years. Christina not only reorganized the layout and wording to make it more concise, but also changed the formatting to make it 10x more professional. I got hired! "

Who is this for?

Just starting out in your career? No problem, I'll design you a resume from scratch.

you don't have a resume...

Applying to a specific job and need someone to look over the final details? I got you.

are you...

To partner together and create a brand new resume that gets you noticed among the other 200+ that are vying for YOUR dream job.

do you want...

My 1:1 coaching program is designed for individuals who need the extra push. Are you aiming for a career change? A promotion? We'll partner and work together through personalized coaching sessions and 1:1 mentor-ship.

yes, please.

This program is designed to help you find a job - whether you are a new grad hunting for your first job or changing careers at the V.P. level, I can help.

details, please.

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