Career Mapping: a strategized plan to find you a career that fulfills you.

Are you a qualified professional who has a great deal of knowledge and skills to bring to an organization?

You've already spent endless hours editing and reformatting your resume, applying to jobs only to hear crickets. 

Sound familiar? 

The reality is, it's like an episode of the hunger games when it comes to applying to jobs and hearing back, since the average job posting receives 300+ applications.

It's frustrating, exhausting and defeating because you are a qualified professional and you know you have a great deal of knowledge and skills to bring to an organization, if they would just give you a chance to tell them.

Together we will set your career in motion with an actionable plan to make you stand out from the crowd and land you an offer you actually want.

if you want the jobs most people aren't getting, you need to do the things most people aren't doing.

6 50-minute strategy sessions (recorded for you to reference in the future) with detailed follow up notes and action items.

Full Resume + LinkedIn scrub

Tools for organization through your transition, and templates follow up with your network and post interview. 

Unlimited email access to Christina

**Sessions occur over 90 days and you are in charge of booking when you need the support.

Career Mapping Program


Access to 10 years of HR knowledge from Christina including information like understanding what employers are really looking for when they are making hiring decisions.

you'll also get:

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During this program, we'll walk through your biggest struggles to help you transform your career and give you clarity and confidence.

The goal is to help you gain clarity in your skillset and confidently network and market yourself for the job you really want. 

I will help you discover the change you need and guide you in how to make that change. The sessions are custom and not a one size fits all approach. Throughout these sessions, you'll receive unlimited email support to help you catapult into your next move. 

TIMELINE: 12 weeks


Sounds great. How does it work?


Full skill set analysis: what do you actually want to do in your next move, what are you struggling with, where do you need support? 

What are your transferrable skills? How to articulate them on your resume, LinkedIn profile and in an interview 

career clarity Analysis


the strategy

phase three

the execution

Create an clear, actionable plan to put in motion to use in your job search

Learn who to network with, where to find them, and how to approach them to land more interviews

Craft an elevator pitch that helps you take control of the interview 

Understand how to answer challenging interview questions while appropriately selling yourself for the opportunity

The interview doesn't end when you walk out the door: learn how to follow up and stay in touch with employers

Full scrub of your LinkedIn profile, resume and Cover Letter

Who this is for:

you know you can add value to an employer, but you don't know how to sell yourself 

you've endlessly applied to jobs and you're tired of hearing crickets and your skillset going unnoticed

you want to network and have maybe even tried, but don't know how to craft messages that result in responses and interviews

Who this is not for:

you don't believe in investing in your career

you aren't ready to learn from an HR professional and take her guidance

you are comfortable just winging it and seeing what sticks

SIGN me up!

Need a little nudge?

I know, I know, it's a big step to hire a career coach, and I don't take that privilege lightly. I coach professionals because I know how it feels to be "stuck" in your career, or lack of. It's not fun, and you deserve better. In my coaching programs, I'm taking my insider knowledge I've learned and seen in my corporate recruiting career to help you succeed and make sure you don't make the same mistakes I've witnessed.

Are you ready?

— Jenny m.

"Christina has truly been a blessing to work with in building my interview skills and confidence for future job opportunities! She was able to help me with the areas of an interview with which I struggled, and she addressed those nagging doubts that plagued me as to whether I was responding to the interviewers’ questions properly. In addition, she went above and beyond to help me throughout my most recent interview process.

She was with me every step of the way and guided me with framing questions to ask during the interview process and other preparation required to present my best self . I highly recommend Christina as she will take you to the next level, helping you to build your interview and follow-up skills as well as generally preparing you for the interview process "

If you aren't using LinkedIn for your job search or to network, you're doing it wrong. Once you have a strategically put together LinkedIn profile, it does the work for you. More than 500 million professionals are utilizing LinkedIn, which means nearly an unlimited supply of network connections and job opportunities are waiting for you! 

yes, please.

Do have a complete resume that just needs a quick dusting and look over? This program is for you. Depending on the level of makeover needed, I can help.

details, please.

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